Motley Rock Stories
Dying is Not a Great Way to Make a Living.


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Page 85. Page 85a. Page 89. Page 93. Mick's Photo of Jack Page 102.
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Page 105 Inside the ride Page 109 Lucky's in Denver Page 116
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Page 125 Jack's up Mick's down Page 158 Upside Down Rehearsals
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Page 190 Page 190a Page 190b Page 221 The California Jam 1974
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Deep Purple & ELP


David Coverdale Glen Hughes Deep Purple Ritchie Blackmore
page 193dLl page 193hLl Page 201 Page 201a Page 207
Glen Hughes on Burn Blackmore destroys Upside down shot of 1st upside down gig. Mick Mars @ 23 Page 207
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Mammoth aka Van Halen Page 212

Glen Hughes in


Wishbone Ash Queen
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Rare Bird page 214 Live and Studio kits ABC Downhill page 222
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Wooden Nickel Records Page 230 Everybody's seated. Almost Crashed! Everybody's on their feet!
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Mick and Jack Page 230 Page230a

The Sohler Keyboard

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