Whitehorse the band that gave Mick his start! Read about it in Motley Rock Stories.

The face a zillion Martian Mothers could love.

Mick giving the evil eye to a wino at Whitehorse last upside down drum show summer of 1975.

Whitehorse with Jack (upside down)

Mick's killer slide solo on the Whitehorse original finale piece "I Told You Once Before".

Mick's pressed face in the Mottley van, Denver tour 1974

Mick gives Mighty Mouse a woody backstage at Mr. Luckys.

The L.A. Glitter Rock look of 1974





Whitehorse opens for " Spirit" in 1975

Mick smokes em at "The Superstar" Colorado Springs winter 1974

Mick at The Pasadena Handlebar Saloon 1975

Whitehorse studio shot for the album Disco Killed.

Mick's back as he watches Jack almost crash the upside-down drum platform 1974, Main street Huntington Beach Ca.

Another Whitehorse studio shot for the album that never was.

Mick at St. George and the Dragon in Tustin 1975